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Web-based online training & coaching programs or courses, educational services empowers knowledge workers skills via active & blended elearning - for professionals, executives or managers and leadership through workshops, seminars, tutorials, conferences and resources for capital, career, tools, opportunity & news. Applying, working & living by faith, motivational, inspirational principles
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Syntopic Intelligence is a training service of Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

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  • Web based training, elearning & coaching programs offer you many paths to the peaks of success.
    Follow the Explorers' map into a Syntopic Universe of affordable training services, personalized attention & 100% guaranteed results

    Discover why professionals, managers & leaders employ our active & blended online training services, and use our web based training programs to empower their knowledge work skills, mapping and research tasks, creative thinking & project leadership duties.
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    Online Training Programs
    Subjects, Courses & Services
    Want great business or team skills?
    Need innovation strategy or creative & entrepreneurial thinkers? Are you in
    Management or Leadership?
    Our online training events forge strong competences in 18 vital knowledge work skills - transform yourself into a heroic performer & your earnings will become a voyager & soar!

    Seminars & Workshops
    Tutorials & Conferences
    Grab power-packed ideas & real answers in 45, 90 or 150 web based training minutes with coaching follow-ups
    Action Guides & Handbooks keep you on-track, perfecting your skills, learning new techniques & broadening your range of power & effectiveness
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    Faith based Principles
    Motivational & Inspirational

    Join our Faith Fellowship. Learn secrets of applying, working & living by faith based motivational & inspirational principles at the workplace, in business & on the job, in your home & community. Be confident, joyful & at peace with your spiritual nature.

    Community of Achievers
    Want prosperity - seek wisdom
    Members work as teams to share ideas & challenges, browse libraries of knowledge, study papers & articles, read private email, use virtual offices & online tools. With your guest status visit us & then join us, become a Member!

    Knowledge Work Resources
    Knowledge work tools, news, equipment, job boards, capital, learning support, business & entrepreneurial opportunity.
    Everything you need or can use from business management writing and annual planning skills to career advice & coaching in Personal Leadership Power - we'll equip, empower & enhance your personal & professional life.

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    Empowers Your Leadership!

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